Wavi Analytics

Wavi Analytics

Wavi Analytics builds on research and has developed a set of solutions for improving the management of industrial process fluids. The underlying technology was developed in a research project at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and through a collaboration with Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, the technology was spun out, and Wavi Analytics was formed. 

The company was founded in 2020 when Nicolas Schwandner and Erik Dahl took the first steps towards creating a commercial product of the research results. Through hard work and the support from many of our partners, we are now prepared to launch our first set of products during 2022. Our vision is that machine parks can focus on creating value and producing parts without having to worry about their process fluids. To fulfil this vision, Wavi aims to make metalworking more sustainable and digital by finding technical solutions that both improves and facilitates the fluid management.  Join our journey towards fluid management 4.0!


Erik Dahl

+46 700 311 932
Erik combines unique skills in intellectual property with an engineering mindset. He is shaping the vision behind Wavi Analytics.

Nicolas Schwandner

+46 79 300 96 93
Nicolas is skilled in Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology and leads Wavi Analytics’ Product Development.

Anatol Krozer

Anatol has vast expertise in electrochemistry and sensor systems and leads Wavi Analytics’ Technology Development.

Kgalaletso Rakau

Kgalaletso supports Wavi in chemical questions and with Business Development.

Peter Krajnik

Peter is a Professor of Manufacturing Technology, and also serves as a director of the Chalmers Centre for Metal Cutting Research (MCR). Leveraging his extensive knowledge, Peter acts as an advisor for Wavi Analytics.

David Storek

David acts as Wavi’s Chairman of the Board and represents Chalmers Ventures. He is overviewing Wavi Analytics’ Business Development.

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